Patriotism: Are We So Proud?

Very true about pictures. There seems to always be a story right there for the grabbing, if you are so inclined. Today, I was in my car going through the “In n Out Burger” Drive Thru line. Just to the north of the restaurant is a car dealership. All over its premises is a battalion of flags, standing proud, flapping in the breeze. But this area is so heavily trafficked and nearly impossible to snap a photo without endangering one’s life and limb near the whizzing-by, fast cars.

While in this wait line, though, I found myself peering through my front windshield. I saw a “plain as can be”, wrought-iron fence, made up of only black vertical bars. It definitely looked like a jail cell. At not too far of a distance, behind those bars were three American flags, all actively pronouncing their presence and meaning. I sat just low enough as a driver, to see those flags through the bars. They barely scaled the top lateral bar by about a foot, though. Had I the guts to get out of my vehicle, then crouch down to look directly through the bars; those flags standing for patriotism and freedom would have made an awesome picture of controversy on camera! The message would say: Is our freedom, in truth, restricted? compromised? Are we so proud? In view of the present day political climate, is Patriotism being caged?

A wave of thoughts could be equated with this scene… Maybe, if I drove there before the store opens, early, I could get those flags – through those bars – into quite the snapshot! There’s a story. What might it say a hundred years from now?

One thought on “Patriotism: Are We So Proud?

  1. voxturturis says:

    The paradox is worth photographing as it often goes unnoticed. Would it not be even more interesting if the bars were those of a business?

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